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Banking Insights in Tehran

From January 22nd to 23rd, we are co-sponsoring together with our partner ABAN-IT the 7th Annual Conference on Electronic Banking and Payment Systems, one of the biggest banking conferences in Iran. The Monetary and Banking Research Institute (MBRI) and National Informatics Corporation (NIC), a subsidiary IT holding company of the Central Bank, founded the annual conference for electronic banking and payment systems (EBPS) in 2011, as they saw the need for international exchange and knowledge transfer in the banking industry. This two-day event focuses on electronic banking, payment systems and what banks and financial institutions need to consider when digitizing their business.

As a content services platform, we will be reflecting on diverse aspects related to ECM, BPM and case management in digital banking, including its benefits as well as challenges. To share our experience and best practices, we are hosting a seminar and a focus workshop on content services and banking. In addition to these speaking engagements at the conference, you can talk to us personally at our booth, number 14, in the main exhibit hall. We look forward to a formative and thought-provoking event in Tehran and hope to meet many new prospects.


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