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The next generation of Doxis4 users – Part 2

ECMx is continuing its efforts in collaborating with the University of Györ (Hungary)  ̶  with great success! The next generation of Doxis4 users is growing on a weekly basis. The classes are so popular – there is often standing room only. Maybe it’s because the classes about Doxis4 are very hands-on and students are able to work directly with the Doxis4 cloud in a demo scenario. Here, they have the chance to immerse themselves into the features of Doxis4 and learn how solution templates and customizations turn into real projects. They learn that ECM and BPM are not just abstract acronyms, but add tangible value to a company on many levels. Participants also experience the user-friendliness of the solution and gain insights into customer expectations and how this translates into software.


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