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New customer: Metro do Porto

Our partner bwd Digital Transformation is currently implementing a digital transformation project based on our Doxis4 platform at Metro do Porto, the public transportation provider of the northern Portuguese region of Porto. It is also one of the largest light rail networks in Europe. The project covers an advanced content services platform with a consolidated document archive based on Doxis4 and includes a physical archive. High data volumes and the dual approach make this an interesting project. bwd persuaded Metro do Porto with its excellent offer and expertise to ensure that all customer requirements are met at a high level of quality. Clinching this project demonstrates Doxis4’s flexible and scalable approach that can be easily customized to individual needs.

“That Metro do Porto chose us among so many proposals is further proof of the excellent capacity and competence of the specialized services offered by bwd in the area of ​​digital transformation,” says Adriano Ribeiro, CEO of bwd.


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