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SER joined Forrester Digital Transformation Forum India 2017

Forrester Digital Transformation Forum

At the end of May Forrester’s Digital Transformation Forum took place in Mumbai, India. SER was part of it to learn more about the “Digital India” initiative and how it supports the advantages of a solid, yet flexible ECM and BPM solution.

Eminent speakers from the industry and the Forrester APAC team shared their ideas and insights on the impact of the digital transformation currently happening India. Moreover, they reflected on how the digital transformation affects the entire IT and software landscape of the country and by this more than 1,3 billion people.

The core of the discussions involved how to build an experimental culture within the company opposed to the classical planning culture. This is meant to be the first step to adopt digital transformation in India. Most of the speakers emphasized that the “rise of empowered customers” is shaping the company policies on their “willingness to experiment”. What we used to do is no longer relevant for the “future”.

A modular technology base built around business APIs, designed for rapid reconfiguration of business models, processes and ecosystems helps the companies to stay ahead of the unknown future of constant change in the business. According to Forrester here the CIOs/ CTOs come into place to encourage the data sharing culture across the organization. Here APIs reinforce the business platform as they enable the flexible integration of additonal software and services to interlace with the existing solutions for a comprehensive and competitive digitalization strategy.


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